We are good jobs engineers

We support your workers' well-being while improving your ability to hire and retain.

We identify challenges your workers face, curate tailored solutions to solve them and provide ongoing, hands-on support. By bringing it all together, Worker Solutions helps you drive better results for your business.

We see
what others don’t

Our granular insights can help your organization make smarter, faster and more efficient decisions to build and sustain your team. By combining robust data with sophisticated analytics, we provide you with the tools to improve job quality for all your employees.

Key features
Pricing Model

How we deliver results

We deliver more than just assembly line, boilerplate solutions.

Analyze your workforce and identify worker needs


Make ongoing real-time program adjustments to maximize impact


Match you with trusted services and HR policy recommendations that address your workers’ challenges


Track and measure how these solutions impact your company and your employees

Our offerings

We target three areas of impact to improve your business through enhanced employee well-being:


Customizable workforce data collection and reporting

Industry and geographic benchmarking

Employee surveys with tech-based delivery


Vetted roster of vendors who support employee well-being

Ongoing reports on adoption and results

Simple contracting and payment options

Collaborative program design

Ongoing advisory support on best practices

Structured goal-setting and troubleshooting


The team

Our greatest asset is our people. Comprised of national leaders across philanthropy, non-profit, government, and community finance, we’ve brought together diverse perspectives and expertise on improving outcomes for communities and workers nationwide.

Don Baylor, Jr.

Head of Worker Solutions

Cindy Helen Brea

Managing Director, Head of Client Engagement

Anne Havard

Vice President

David Williams

Vice President

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Strategic partners

We have partnered with the Aspen Institute’s Financial Security Program to support the work of our partners, facilitating convenings, sharing best practices, and enabling our clients and partners to engage with national leaders reimagining benefits design and delivery.